Spring is fun to start a new garden for children. It is a fruitful activity for the whole family to enjoy. Eating the fresh first harvest is a wonderful accomplishment from your own spring garden. 

Below are the directions on how to do it. 

1.     Make a garden plan to help you with spacing when planting in your area. Estimate how big or small your garden will be. A small space or container growing would be ideal for beginning gardeners.

2.     Look for a place where you can have your spring garden. Check the soil if it’s suitable for plants. Add a good garden soil or fertilizer if it’s crumbly. Consider the sun as well as shade since there are some plants that need more hours from the sun’s light.

3.     Use a good watering can for your garden. A watering can is handy, especially if you are watering small seedlings, transplanting those tiny plants, or having plants that grow in containers.

4.     Prepare your seeds or small plants. If you choose seeds, germinate them through a wet paper towel then place the sprouted seeds in a potting soil inside tiny containers. A cardboard egg with punched holes at the bottom for drainage can be used. Place it in a sunny space indoors until you see those strong little seedlings. You can also buy very young plants instead of seeds.

5.     Use a shovel, a trowel, and work gloves for planting in your spring garden. Build a fence or a raised bed for protection of your plants. Pull all the weeds especially the roots. Water the soil before planting.

6.     Dig some holes then place the young plants or seeds inside. Try to cover them loosely. Water them daily as needed. Always pull any weeds up to the roots that are starting to grow. Enjoy your spring garden and watch your plants grow!


Plant helpful pollinators such as flowers or herbs to increase your garden’s production. Spring is the best time to plant herbs.

There are spring vegetables that can be easily planted from seed for new gardeners such as spinach, lettuce, and peas. Blueberries and strawberries are great fruit plants for your spring garden too. Snow peas are truly wonderful spring vegetables that kids usually like since their seeds are huge for them to plant.

Protect your plants from pests without the use of harsh and toxic chemicals. Try to mix crushed eggshells into the soil around your plants to block snails and slugs. You can also put small saucers of grape juice around the garden. These slugs will usually get into the saucers and drown. Search for organic recipes online for insect-repelling plant sprays. Try Marigolds to help keep away pests. They are beautiful and also attract butterflies.




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