EnderToy 7 Inch Stampylongnose 

This is a big Minecraft toy but I don't agree that it is made of quality materials. This 7-inch EnderToy is nearly twice as big as the 4 inch one that they also have in their website. It has a movable head and arms but the feet are not. Since my daughter is a Stampylongnose fan, we decided to visit their website and bought this 7-inch EnderToy from Seus Craft Corporation.

The original price for this toy was $24.99. It was on sale at $22.49 plus the shipping cost at $2.99, so the total that we paid was $25.48. The description and how it was advertised on their website makes it sound like the toy was great and durable, however, it wasn't! It's simply made by a cheap plastic figure, very light with stickers on the exterior that are starting to peel off after a few days of play. The photos that I posted here was during the time that the toy was newly opened from the box and still new. 

Before we bought this 7-inch EnderToy from Seus Craft Corporation, we had made a huge papercraft Stampylongnose that was pasted on a hard cardboard and it was more safer to play for kids because the edges and corners were not sharp. This 7 inch EnderToy Stampylonghead has sharp edges and corners that could cut the skin of your child. 

My daughter was careful with all of her other plastic Minecraft figurines and after months of play, they still look brand new compared to the look of this 7 inch like Stampylonghead that has been barely played due to the peeling problem. Those stickers that were pasted weren't all the way adhered. The quality can't the match those Minecraft items that we were able to buy at Target.

We think that we did a much better job with the paper craft that we only pasted on a cardboard. Sorry, I can't recommend Seus Craft EnderToys to Minecraft fans because they are not safe, durable and quality toys. 




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