There are effective ways that I can help to make the environment healthier on Earth Day. Once I commit to adopt sustainable practices on a regular basis, it’s a big impact to this world that we live in.

1.    Recycle as much as I can. Place any soda can in a different bin to help reduce pollution. School paper should be placed in a recycling bin to avoid waste. If you need to drink bottled water, always recycle the bottle.

2.    Remind my parents to buy re-usable water bottles. There are plenty of well-made with various designs when it comes to water bottles that my family can use over and over again to help reduce plastic pollution.

3.    Plant a tree. Trees give us fruits and good shade especially during the hot season. This is a great Earth Day activity for us kids under an adult supervision. Trees are part of nature and help filter pollution from the air by absorbing the carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere. They provide homes for wildlife, aid recycle water as well as prevent soil loss.

4.    Remind my parents to bring those re-usable bags to the grocery store from home. Ask them to purchase some affordable cloth bags from the grocery store or re-use those plastic ones that we have at home.

5.    Request one of my parents to pack me a homemade lunch to school to avoid buying a plastic-wrapped “lunchable”. Bring a healthy homemade lunch in a reusable BPA plastic or Tupperware container.

6.    Avoid wasting water by leaving it on while brushing my teeth. Remind my parents to fix any leaky toilet to avoid wasting gallons of water. Try to drink boiled tap water instead of bottled water, to avoid using all those plastic packaging.

7.    Try to pick up litter so that they will not end up in our ocean. By doing it, I can help save those endangered species and marine life away from those plastic materials that can harm or kill them.

8.    Start a compost in our backyard. Ask my parents to help me start a compost system for all our vegetable and fruit peelings including scraps. Composting is needed for the land to acquire nutrients that can fertilize our garden. It can help reduce the amount of solid waste. This will take up less space in our landfills, and increase the production of beneficial bacteria and fungi as a good natural fertilizer.

9.    Request my parents to switch our light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). They use less energy and last up longer than those standard bulbs. Choose ENERGY STAR products when shopping for new appliances and home electronics. Remind my parents to clean our air filters and use a programmable thermostat to save more energy. Ask my parents to reduce the thermostat setting when we go to bed to lessen energy consumption.

10.           Remind my parents to purchase local goods and food. Transporting these goods and food over long distances can cause a lot of greenhouse gasses coming from vehicle emissions. In addition to it, fresh produce has more nutritional value when we buy them nearest our area.

11.           Turn off any house lights when family members are not inside the room. Ask my parents to unplug appliances when not in use because even when turned off, they still consume energy that will cost more money. Cutting back energy use by simply unplugging some household appliances like TV, toaster, coffeemaker, blu-ray player, radio and other gadgets when they’re not in use can save us more.

12.           Recycle our old and unused batteries as well as electronics by asking my parents to help me find the right place to recycle them. 

13.           Try to lessen the minutes of my showers. I can also reuse my towels for a few days and simply hang them dry after every bath.

14.           Volunteer during “Earth Day” events near our area. Joining a good team by restoring habitats, picking litter, and cleaning the beaches can make the earth a much better place to live in.

Tips for the Parents:

·      Encourage your children to do the above list so that they will learn how to take care of the earth that we live in.

·      Try to leave your car at home and ride your bike to work and everywhere that you can. Staying off the road a few days each week can help reduce greenhouse gas. Use public transit or carpool once in a while. Motor vehicles can give off carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide that is dangerous to our health. If you want to use your car, try to merge your errands in one trip to save time and gas.

·      Maintain your car because under-inflated tires can cutback fuel economy plus it can also lead to increase pollution through immense greenhouse gas emissions.

·      Try to prefer paperless upon receiving those monthly credit card or phone bills through email. 




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