Stampy's Head.tif Stampy's Head.tif
Size : 1899.521 Kb
Type : tif
Stampy's Body.tif Stampy's Body.tif
Size : 1359.699 Kb
Type : tif
Stampy's Left Arm.tif Stampy's Left Arm.tif
Size : 859.181 Kb
Type : tif
Stampy's Right Arm.tif Stampy's Right Arm.tif
Size : 901.075 Kb
Type : tif
Stampy's Left Leg.tif Stampy's Left Leg.tif
Size : 929.251 Kb
Type : tif
Stampy's Right Leg.tif Stampy's Right Leg.tif
Size : 940.741 Kb
Type : tif

Stampy Papercraft Character Templates

You can DOWNLOAD THEN PRINT THE STAMPY LONG NOSE CHARACTER OUT YOURSELF AND ASSEMBLE THEM. You can PRINT them for FREE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT, and MAKE AS MANY AS YOU WANT. You can use the green and grey tabs once you start printing to join the different parts of Stampy’s body.

The character StampyLongNose or StampyLongHead model looks sturdy after being made. My daughter enjoyed making it with my help. An adult should help any kid with this kind of project. Parents can also make it themselves and surprise their children with this as a gift or present.

My daughter kept on asking me to make a Stampy Long Nose, IBallistic Squid, Lee Bear and Amy-Lee, these are the characters based on the very famous Youtube stars in connection with Minecraft games. I had never known these characters as a parent until my child started watching their Youtube videos because she plays the Minecraft pocket edition.

They measure approximately 11-12 inches tall when assembled. You can download the 6 File templates located above this article for you to print and these are Stampy's head, body, left arm and leg as well as his right arm and leg. You will need to have a printer with a colored ink in it, scissors, a ruler (to help the folds) and clear tape. I recommend printing each one from a white bond paper from your printer then paste each one to a hard cardboard using a glue stick. The thicker the cardboard that you use, the better because it will just look like a plastic toy once it’s done.

You can use a stronger kind of glue if you start connecting all the body parts from the head, hands and legs. This Stampy Long Head or Stampy Long Nose model stands very well without toppling. This is a fun project for your LITTLE STAMPY FAN.




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