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ABOUT US is a "mom-created-website" dedicated for parents/caregivers and kids so that they will be inspired together to create and learn while having fun at the same time. This website has fun arts & crafts, kid-friendly illustrations, recipes, articles about parenting and much more. Fun Kids Creation is a website generally for parents and or caregivers so that they can get some fun ideas about the arts and crafts posted on this website including recipes, and articles about parenting. 


     There are many fun and creative ideas to discover everyday with children of all ages. It would be wonderful that as a parent or caregiver, you will be able to find even a short time to develop your kid's creativity every single day. Your child will be proud if he or she can accomplish something that is unique and fun and their time is not wasted.  Making art and craft projects is fun and this website was inspired by my daughter and I hope that as she grows older, she will remember the wonderful moments that we had shared with her.

     As parents, we have a lot of fun spending time everyday with our daughter with her art and craft projects which she truly loves. We hope that this will teach her to be more resourceful as she grows up by making recycled goods into new amazing products. Fun Kids Creations is a website that will offer some fun and creative ideas with instructions so that you'll be able to accomplish the project together with your child. I hope to inspire parents/caregivers like me to share their precious time with kids in a fun and creative way. 

     I'm the mother of a fun loving and creative kid and she loves to create something almost everyday. It do hope that this website will be of help to other moms/caregivers like me. I have a supportive husband and when it comes to buying craft materials, he is always there for me and my little one. We only purchase sale items in craft stores as well as online every time we shop in order to save money. 

     A large and easy to clean organizer for storing your craft items is advisable for your child's/children's arts and crafts suppliesCollecting together craft items is a wonderful way to bond with your kid/kids and once the project will start, you already have a stock of of those needed items. Doing a simple project is a special way to spend time together with your child/children.  I hope that you will find this website helpful with your child's/children's arts and crafts.

     I'm a self-taught painter who loves art and while growing-up, I learned that it's important to explore any child's imagination by 

experimenting with different art materials as long as it is safe for any child. It is also important to consider and tailor any project 

for a child in terms of his or her age and skill level. I believe that parents/caregivers as well as teachers can stimulate a child's 

senses and open his/her imagination that will allow him/her to create an amazing art project.

     As a former school teacher (now a stay-at-home mom), I also believe that every child is unique and he or she can learn in his/her 

own special way. As long as we keep on encouraging a child, he or she will be happy to continue with his or her art project. 

Encouraging words are very important in the development of your child's creativity and once he oshe is done with the art and 

craft project, your kid also "wants you" to be proud of it. Post/display and show your kid's work of art and try have an artist's wall 

so that close friends and family can see those beautiful artworks. 

     The Webmaster encourages parents to feel free in giving any comment regarding the contents of our website. You may also contact us so that we can also improve As much as possible, we try our best to provide good information through our photos, articles and/or videos that we believe to be fun, relevant, and educational to children. We do welcome comments once our "Comment Section" Page will be posted and are open to it but we will also delete that those who use vulgar/profane and or inappropriate words. Please try to post constructive as well as encouraging or uplifting comments.

*Please take note that Fun Kids Creation does not provide craft classes, private art lessons, and special events.  

*Fun and creativity is our goal at :-)

We may update this "About Us" webpage. You can give us any question and we are also open to your suggestions. Kindly contact us at and thank you in advance.




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