How to Build and Paint a Birdhouse Kit

     Building and painting a birdhouse is fun to do with kids of all ages. A birdhouse can also be a wonderful gift especially for kids who truly love birds. Making this project will teach them team work and responsibility even if you can just purchase the smallest product that is found in any craft or toy store today since children will be able to do these things such as putting glue, coloring, and among other things for the bird house. As a mom, I had a lot of fun and bonding time when I was working on this cute project with my daughter for about 2 hours and brought back the "kid part" in me :-).

     This is also a nice thing to do for spring time so that your kids can hang it in backyard. A child 4-6 year old can build this craft project with minimal assistance from the parent or an older sibling. Depending on the product that you will buy, it may take about 1-2 hours to put a birdhouse kit together and paint. This is an enjoyable project that will also boost your child's confidence and make any kid feel good by providing a much needed home for those beautiful feathered friends.


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      Search for a kit that your child will also love. Show them some of the bird house kits that you had seen and let them choose what they like. Kids will be excited to begin working on a project once their parents will give them an option to choose what they also like to start for the new project. 

      Check the kit package if it's appropriate for your child's age and also if there's any missing piece or part that may have not been included so that you can return it instantly. In this way, you won't need to stop halfway through your kid's project by going back to the store or waiting for a replacement for the returned product. The advantage of ready-made kits is that they are fun and easy to assemble for those little hands under an adult's guidance. Most kiddie bird house craft kit generally comes with everything that you need. 

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      Clean your work area and make sure that it has a flat surface that you can use. You can get some paper towels to cover the flat surface or opt in using the old newspaper or magazine, as well as any used paper that you no longer use. Once ready, start laying out all of the materials that are found inside for example, the "Build and Paint a Birdhouse Kit" like the wooden parts, glue, brush, and paint. 

      Prepare the wooden parts to start building your birdhouse. There are 10 wooden parts of this particular birdhouse and they are the base, perch, front and back panels, side panels, as well as the upper/lower right and left roof panels.

Glue Application

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    Use the small yellow brush to apply the glue (white pot case with the "GL" sign on top) attached to the four colored acrylic paints. This is the part where your child needs your help in applying for the glue. With your proper guidance, the little one can also apply the glue. If ever he or she accidentally touches the glue, wash those little hands with soap and water. You may also let him or her use gloves meant for kids.

    Start putting glue on the wooden side panels as well as onto the front and back panels then hold them gently for about 3 minutes in order for them to stick together. Next, apply the glue around the top edge of the base then place front and hold gently again for another 3 minutes so that they will not fall. Place a glue to the tip of the perch and insert it into the front panel.

    You can now assemble the roof by applying glue along the edges of the front and back panels including the right side and the lower roof panel. You or your child can now add the right side upper roof panel but make sure to put glue in-between the seams of the right side lower and upper roof panels. 

    Put the left side upper upper roof panel and apply the glue again in-between the left side upper as well as the lower roof panels then start pressing gently and holding them in place for at least 4 minutes. Once you're done, allow the birdhouse to dry for an hour or two before adding paint to it.

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Paint Application

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    Wash off the glue from the small yellow brush. The most fun part is painting your birdhouse. Your child can either follow the picture that was posted on the packaging box of the birdhouse kit or choose his or her own colors and design. The nice thing about acrylic paint is that it dries fast and your child can reapply color on top of another color if he or she decides to change it again. 

    Once your child is done painting his or her work, let it dry thoroughly prior hanging it outside. The newly-painted birdhouse will usually dry faster outside of the house especially if you know that your space is not well-ventilated enough.

  1.      Once you're done with the finished project, allow it to sit outside for 3-5 days prior hanging  to the tree branch. In this way, when the birds will try to check it out, the smell of the glue including the paint may have already been gone. Your child might be amazed when after a week or two, a small bird would actually build a tiny nest inside the bird house. 

         A kid's birdhouse kit generally ranges from $5 -$30, however, this will also depend on the quality of the materials, size, design as well as the additional things such as acrylic colors, brush and glue that are also included inside the package. Building a child's birdhouse kit is easy and fun especially if your kid has already the feeder and birdbath, so a birdhouse may complete his or her birdie backyard. 

         You can find a lot of kits designed to accommodate different kinds of birds and some come with separate pre-cut small wooden pieces so that you'll be able to construct the complete design. Manufacturing toy craft companies usually include those necessary hardware too so that you and your child can build the house as well as a short hanging material for the tree. 

         Depending on your kid's age, most parents opt to those kits that do not have screws and nails to build for safety reasons. They may rather choose the birdhouse with those wooden pieces that can be easily grooved to fit together or designed to be glued for easy attachment. The packaging of these type of kits usually have detailed step-by-step instructions as well as labeled illustrations and/or diagrams. 

         So if you already  know what kind of birds that often visit your backyard, you can start looking for a birdhouse kit that your child will also love to assemble. Just make sure that when you do this project, the work space is well-ventilated in order to minimize the smell of glue and paint fumes inside the house.

    Most bird house kits are easy to build for any age or skill level with a little guidance from the parent or teacher, and can be used as fun projects for summer camps, school or youth groups, and craft projects. Depending on the price that you are willing to afford, some bird house kits may include extra things, such as a book all about birds, plush toy as well as bird pin or bag.

     If you have little or no experience about handicraft construction or woodworking, a bird house kit may offer you a wonderful and fun experience for building a cute bird house with your kids. There are some kits that may have some rough edges on every piece of wood included so it's advisable to use sandpaper to smooth it out. Some of these kits generally don't offer paint and brush so you need to purchase them separately.

     A variety of bird house kits can easily be found online as well as inside toy, craft and hobby stores. You may also see them in places such as aviaries, wildlife bird preserves, and also in zoos with gift shops. This kind of project is truly fun for kids and bird lovers alike, and may help them encourage learn more about the importance of bird conservation since we have a profound effect on them. 

     This project can also help develop the love for these beautiful and friendly animals especially that there are bird species have already gone extinct. In addition to it, your child may also feel a great sense of accomplishment once he or she can finish building and painting his/her own bird house. You can check some of the Do-It-Yourself bird feeder/house bird projects through this link: DIY Wood Craft Bird Feeder/ Bird House Kits




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