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Some parents say that kindergarten is a moderate introduction to formal schooling. At this age about 5-6 years old, many can only accept mostly 15-35 minute lesson on every subject from their curriculum. 

Many parents try to create a fun-filled kindergarten home school area and even personalize it by what their little one likes, as well as decorate it according to his/her favorite colors and more. They try to make the lessons simple but unforgettable to their student/s at home. Try to avoid not to bore your kid by giving more sample lessons if you know that he/she already understood the lesson. Continue Reading...  

Facts About Kindergarten Home School Schedule


Homeschooling has become popular in providing good academic results among children. One of the reasons for this is that the parent can easily focus on the child's potential through a flexible learning structure. The child has a big chance to advance based on his/her pace including the family schedule plus with the help of experienced educators and other accredited programs (traditional and/or online)

Home schooled children are now being embraced by many colleges including universities since these students usually develop self-esteem, independence and confidence. They are not easily influenced by peers because these children had developed a strong character foundation from their loving parents at home. Continue Reading...

About Kindergarten Home School and Sample Schedule


I have some kindergarten home school sample schedules if you are looking for one. You can choose a morning or afternoon schedule depending on your availability to teach. I had to print one myself since my little one can already read and she is excited to see her new schedule on the wall. If you want to print one or both, simply click the file below this article.

It can sometimes be challenging for busy parents to plan out a type of schedule for their little one who is of kindergarten age. Many kids at this age want to play all the time, and having them sit for more than 10 minutes in order to learn through workbooks could be a burden to them. However, there are several ways that you can do to help maintain your kindergarten home school schedule. Continue Reading...


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