FREE Chuck E. Cheese Tickets and Tokens

You can get 40 FREE Chuck E. Cheese Tickets for your kids if you can score 100 on each roll of Skee Ball, but if you have a lower score, you can still get free tickets which you can easily print out. This offer is still available and for a limited time, you can also play Ticket Blaster to win free tickets as well.

You can win up to 50 Tickets by playing the FREE Chuck E Blocks Game Here as well as earn up to 50 FREE Tickets by playing the Chuck E. Rocks Game!

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A WONDERFUL WAY TO REWARD YOUR KIDS? You can receiving free tokens on your next visit to Chuck E. Cheese's by printing out their free rewards calendar and fill-out these forms with your kid/s to receive free tokens.

Sign up Here to get coupons emailed to you and for every coupon offer, you need to select your location of where you live. You may join the Birthday club and get FREE tokens for 1/2 year and on the month of your Birthday.

When you decide to have your kid's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's, your child can party like a rock star and celebrate with a special birthday show with Chuck E. himself. 




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