I have some kindergarten home school sample schedules if you are looking for one. You can choose a morning or afternoon schedule depending on your availability to teach. I had to print one myself since my little one can already read and she is excited to see her new schedule on the wall. If you want to print one or both, simply click the file below this article.

It can sometimes be challenging for busy parents to plan out a type of schedule for their little one who is of kindergarten age. Many kids at this age want to play all the time, and having them sit for more than 10 minutes in order to learn through workbooks could be a burden to them. However, there are several ways that you can do to help maintain your kindergarten home school schedule.

First of all, try to create a happy atmosphere for you and your child. Some parents have lesson plans already ready so it would be good if it would last for about 10-15 minutes for each lesson especially at the very beginning of school. Once he/she is accustomed to it, you can start doing it even for up to 30 minutes. 

Do not let your child sit most of the time, since this can be so boring for him/her. Kindergarten should always be mixed with fun-filled activities including play time. Make your lessons as part of a game. Be creative and make every lesson from each subject exciting for your precious little student.

Homeschooling your little one in kindergarten is a very fulfilling thing to do as a parent because you are giving your child the best support and foundation for his/her education. If you're determined to home school your child in kindergarten, you should maintain a structured schedule that will teach your little one the responsibility of performing and accomplishing the school work that is needed to be done.

You need to provide plenty of breaks everyday whether it's indoor or outdoor. There are a lot of fun indoor activities and even a little bit of stretching with lively music is entertaining for kids. Use educational videos for a little break. 

Learning Tools from Vtechkids.com as well as Leapfrog is helpful because they have educational videos that will teach children spelling, math and so much more. This is another way to make your little student happy about learning. You could let them play educational games during their breaks while you prepare their meals or snacks.

Anticipate that your little one will be moody sometimes and this will become a challenge to you as a teacher to keep him/her on a schedule. The schedule will help you to stay focused and organized. 

Many parents who introduce and follow a home schooling schedule early on, had generally seen improvement since the student had gotten used to the schedule. It becomes a routine and helps them think, act and understand that it is part of their life. 

You also need to know about state requirements by researching it online or directly contact your local school district for a checklist of requirements for your child. Some parents are willing to spend money on a structured curriculum while others will use a collection of workbooks combined or computer programs. 

There are tons of discounted teaching materials that can be easily ordered online or you can also directly go to a school supply store near your area.

Kindergarten Morning Schedule Sample.pdf Kindergarten Morning Schedule Sample.pdf
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Kindergarten Afternoon Schedule Sample.pdf Kindergarten Afternoon Schedule Sample.pdf
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