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      The video shows an above water viewing area to overlook the big and natural setting of the pool as well as the face-to-face and underwater viewing window exhibit in order for visitors to view the animals up-close. In this way, people can see the seals and sea lions as they show their natural swimming ability and behavior.

Fresno Chaffee Zoo, Central California

April 5, 2013

       It's truly a wonderful sight to see when the seals and sea lions playfully swim so near you through the glass partition in Fresno's Sea Lion Cove. Since we live in Fresno, we are able to view these beautiful sea animals known to be one of the great sea lion exhibits in the US. Visitors can easily locate the sea lion exhibit just by walking several steps from the entrance since it is very near the entry part of the zoo.

       Many of the locals had waited for Fresno Chaffee Zoo's grand opening of their Sea Lion Cove and after they recently opened it to the public in August 27, 2012, we noticed that many of the little children are looking forward to visit the seals and sea lions more often. Visitors can actually view those beautiful and playful seals and sea lions swimming under clear blue water. You can even observe and study them of how they interact with each other, to the visitors as well and also their environment. 

     The nice thing about the Sea Lion Cove, is that every time you visit the exhibit, it could easily give you this relaxing feeling of being so near the ocean and it also allows you to view these amazing seals, sea lions, as well as the pelicans very close. It is truly wonderful to see those fun seals and sea lions eat, swim fast and bark during their feeding session that is conducted by zoo keepers in the cove.

     Upon entering the Sea Lion Cove, you may be able to hear the zoo keepers voices talking about the seals and sea lions especially during the feeding sessions. These sea animals are placed in a big pool that looks like the landscape of the Central Coast. The exhibit is mostly surrounded by big rocks and little islands but if you want to sit, they also have rocks as seats so that you can listen more about these amazing sea creatures.

     The pond also have two beautiful big pelicans. The seals and sea lions have beautiful names and one was named Catalina while the other one was Avila. We also heard the Zoo Keeper mentioned the sea lions Pismo and Buck. The nice thing about this exhibition is that visitors are able to view the animals up close through the protective glass in another area, this is really wonderful especially for little children to experience.

      According to, it is a $10.5M project that will bring the Central California Coast’s Point Lobos to Fresno Chaffee Zoo. It is funded by the 2004 Fresno County Tax Initiative, Measure Z, Sea Lion Cove and is the first of several new projects coming to the Zoo.

     Furthermore, the Sea Lion Cove will tell the story of the Central Valley’s connection with the California Coast. Viewing areas will provide an engaging learning experience, and memorable guest experiences by including a large underwater viewing area. Presentations will be given daily, focusing on natural behaviors and abilities, biology and conservation.

     The money raised for Sea Lion Cove will help extend Measure Z funds for future exhibits. People can help buy purchasing collectible “I helped build Sea Lion Cove” buttons which costs 
$3 per button if picked up at the Zoo or $5 per button if purchased online. If you wish to buy one online, you can simply click one of those beautiful buttons through their website at


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